10 January 2017

Within our Company an organized Technical Service operates with an appropriate number and skills of technical staff, which has undertaken responsibility of Management Service, according to the provisions of the legislation on public works.

The Technical Service is foreseen in the organizational chart of the company and it is composed on the basis of existing legislation. The specific tasks were assigned both to the Head of the Department as well as the Head of Studies and Project Department. Moreover, the consultant and concluding instruments were established with the relevant bodies’ decisions for the implementation of public procurement legislation (Services, Studies Procurement, and Public Projects).

Objects of Technical Department:

  1. Programming for proposals, integration and monitoring implementation of projects under the co-financed programs
  2. Implementation-studies-project services as Beneficiary
  3. Implementation Programs
  4. Studies
  5. Consulting Services


Management Competence

The Company has received a confirmation of management competence from Intermediate Peloponnese Region Managing Authority (E.D.A.P.P.) for categories A, B and C.

More specifically, with respect to class type A, the Company may perform transactions with a technical object (infrastructural works operated under Law no. 1418/84, as applicable), such as building works, transportation and utility networks, plumbing, environment, port / fishing, industrial development, energy, telecommunications and networks, etc., and their technical studies under the Law. 3316/05. This category also includes technical projects operations carried out by their own means (direct labor operations).

As for the B category, the Company can perform operations without technical object (service fees), as works / supply activities and equipment installation, creation and installation of computer systems, purchasing and information technology facilities, procurement of consultancy services and other services which are not related to the implementation of technical projects such as training, counseling etc. The type B verification covers the body to perform all other acts than technical projects and studies of Law 3316/05 (including operations financed by the ESF), which followed the tendering procedure for awarding public contracts or selecting beneficiaries.

The category C covers other bodies, who in their statement, are interested to confirm the adequacy only for specific actions, i.e. specific ESF actions and other actions to be carried out by their own means (business operations OTA, NGOs etc.) (C type confirmation). This confirmation may not apply to transactions carried out with the same instruments but include assignments to third parties amounting to contracts for which under current legislation requires a public procurement tendering procedure.

The certification of the Company as to the Managing Competence for implementing NSRF projects gives the opportunity to actively participate in planning processes for project and program financing proposals. Furthermore, the staff of the Technical Service with the appropriate skills, give the Company potential to become a future key technical support tool for local government.