3 January 2017

Charalambos N. Lysikatos

Mayor of South Kynouria

Civil Engineer, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


The wider region of the Eastern Peloponnese is a place endowed with rich history, culture, local architecture, NATURA 2000 sites, remarkable flora and fauna, an extensive network of traditional settlements and cultural and information centers, which presents the ideal requirements for re-emerging the great value of the place we live in.

The support of the Municipalities in the matters of development planning and maturing of the projects for the utilization of national and community resources makes the Company’s role a key element in the development of our region.

Networking and partnerships are a strategic sector in which the Company has invested in supporting the achievement of its goals. Through the cooperation with the Municipalities of Eastern Peloponnese, the Local Agencies and the Networks, the continuous dissemination of information and know-how is ensured and the Company is able to respond to any challenges at local, regional and national levels.

Our place deserves it and we will do our best for all of us!

Marinis Th. Beretsos

Forester – Environmentalist, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

General Director

The Regional Development Company of Parnonas through its work and activities over the last twenty years has gained the trust of the inhabitants and the relevant bodies of the wider region of Parnonas.

The Company supports and promotes integrated local development with the effectiveness that characterizes it as the most reliable tool of Local Authorities in the Region. This also means responsibility for continuity and expansion of positive outcomes towards socio-economic development and the welfare of citizens.

The LEADER program has consistently acted as a local development accelerator, bringing community policies and resources close to the remote areas, highlighting the Greek countryside as a protagonist of good practices for entrepreneurship.

The remarkable productive, natural, cultural and socio-economic elements of the region are the prerequisites for characterizing the area of Eastern Peloponnese as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which is the next stop in the Company’s vision for economic and social well-being.

The Company is managed by the General Assembly and Board of Directors which consists seven member, is elected by the shareholders and presents the supreme body of the company and can decide on all matters concerning the company, except those in the Law or  in the Articles of Association  which are decided by the Board of Directors . Their decisions are binding for all shareholders, even those who are absent or disagree. The term of office of members shall be two years. The Board after the election constitutes a body and elects among its members, the President and two Vice Presidents. The Board may together with the CEO or rather for him to appoint a General Manager of the company and to determine its powers.

The company is represented in all public, judicial or other authority and to third parties by the Board, which is empowered with specific decision to delegate the exercise of it rights in relation to the representation and management of the company, in one or more members or in the company’s employees.

The Board of Directors is as follows:


Haralampos Lysikatos, Mayor of South Kynouria

Vice Presidents:

Haralampos Koutsonikolis, Deputy Mayor of Municipality of Monemvasia

Helen Dentakou, Municipal Director of Evrotas


Spyridon Floros, Entrepreneur

Executive Director:

Vassilios Salakos, Entrepreneur


Panagiotis Mantas, Mayor of North Kinouria

Dimitris Stingy, Economist