3 January 2017


The Regional Development Company of Parnonas (PARNONAS S.A.) was established on 26.9.1995 (Government Gazette 5854/10.11.95) and took the form of a Company whose main purpose is the economic and cultural development of Parnonas area.


The company is a local agreement of regional bodies for the strategy and the content of integrated development, through a vibrant partnership. This is achieved operationally through the establishment of a scientific mechanism which designs and implements the Company’s activities and projects. The resources for the implementation of the design come from co-financed projects and programs and also from the development of the sector which provides services and conducts studies for the Company’s shareholders.

The aims of the company are:

  • The scientific and technical support of local authorities and their associations and also the support of decentralized state administration.
  • The promotion of entrepreneurial, economic and sustainable development of the Local Authorities as well as of the wider area
  • The development of environmental protection activities
  • The participation in programs and the implementation of relevant policies at inter-municipal level or in a wider geographic area.

The main sectors of the company’s activity are related to the planning, designing, implementation and maturation of Programs financed from ESI (European Structural and Investment) funds, integrated rural development, protection and management of the natural environment, and the implementation of social policy actions and the display of promotion measures.


The company operates throughout in the Region of Peloponnese and for the integrated rural development programs in East Peloponnese at 12 Municipalities and 3 Counties.

The region of Εastern Peloponnese is characterized by an interesting landscape, which is characterized by a temperate climate, a significant number of rural regions of production (agriculture, fisheries), a large number of statutory protected areas, land and sea areas NATURA 2000, remarkable flora – fauna, accessible caves – canyons, rich history, great cultural heritage, extensive network of traditional settlements and culture-information centers.


The Company’s income is derived from:

  • The implementation and management of National and Community Programs.
  • The provision of technical support services for local authorities and regional bodies.
  • Studies, development projects and service projects in local government and other public bodies.

Today the Company’s share capital amounts to 1.250.427, 40 € and is divided into 42.604 equities with a nominal value of 29, 35€ each. The Company’s turnover on average the last three years, exceeds the 1.100.000€ per year.

The shareholders of the company are: The District of Peloponnese, Municipalities of the area, Champers, Associations, Agricultural Cooperatives and Regional Association of Peloponnese’s Municipalities.

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