10 January 2017


Below is an indicative list of projects with beneficiary Development Parnon SA, which is categorized by time and OTA


Municipality of South Kynouria

  1.  Sewerage network installation at Leonidio and sewage treatment plant
  2. Promotion Center of Rural History and the Sea Roads in East Peloponnese (Fabrika Leonidio)
  3. Energy upgrading at primary schools of Leonidion buildings – biomass combustion unit Installation
  4. Modernization of existing municipal kindergarten building infrastructure at Leonidio
  5. Energy upgrading of a municipal building (city hall) at South Kynouria
  6. Water supply network upgrade at Poulithra
  7. System of district and municipal biowaste home composting of South Kynouria
  8. Water supply of Leonidion Vaskinas, Palaioteras and Ag. Ioannis, South Kynouria
  9. Upgrade of the water network and supply of Tyros
  10. Extension of water supply network Longari-Fokianos, Pigadi
  11. Energy upgrading at a kindergarten building at Tyros-installation of photovoltaic systems on the building roof
  12. Health Centre modernization and upgrading, Leonidio
  13. Central road and bypass infrastructure at the traditional village of Leonidio
  14. Reconstruction of the central road of Tyros

Municipality of Megalopolis

  1. Replacement & extension settlements of water supply at Kalamon, Marathousa
  2. Improving the efficiency of the sewerage network of Megalopolis
  3. Sewerage network installation at Municipality of Megalopolis