First place for Regional Development Company of Parnonas S.A. among 49 local programs in the country


Following the successful twenty-year journey  in the Eastern Peloponnese, the Regional Development Company of Parnonas S.A. has achieved the first place in claiming the CLLD program “Biosphere Reserve and Business Innovation Zones in East Peloponnese” with  total public expenditure 11.700.000 €  which was approved  from the Ministry of Rural Development .

It was signed by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food for the approval of local development programs CLLD / LEADER under the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 and the Operational Program for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs 2014-2020 as well as allocation of public expenditure  for the these programs by Local Action Group (LAG).

Overall, with the signature of the Ministerial Decision 31 multi-fund local programs and 18 single-fund have been approved (16 from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and 2 from the Operational Program for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs) with the total budget of 360.6 million €.

290.1 million €  for the EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development)  is attributed to Local Action Groups with the Ministerial Decision from a total of  € 322 million €  while the rest will be distributed in a second phase on the basis of the effectiveness of implementation of local programs.

70.5 million € has been distributed for Electronic consultation of the draft Operational Program for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs  which is more than  55  million € indicatively mentioned in the invitation, as a response to a strong demand.

This result gives us strength and satisfaction in this very difficult time to keep the product of a collective effort that has bases in the  good performance of the previous period, the extension of the area,  very good business plan, strength and dynamism  of the  company and great effort of everyone .

All the above ensure a solid partnership, trust of management and shareholders to executives and transparency and fairness in the management of financial resources and people.

The successful opening of the company in Saronic Islands and Kythira, where for the first time  we  have obtained the approval for the same program with total public expenditure 7.400.000 €, the inter-regional cooperation coordinated at national level but also the  projects of national scope,  are bringing us to central  decisions and are  further strengthening  our role and our responsibilities.

We are continuing our efforts on the benefit of our region with even more ambition.